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What do you need?
  1. A website? whether its for a personal blog, or you want to show off what you are doing or for whatever reason you want a website for, lets talk about it, it can be done. Ill do the heavy lifting for you. And I will develop a beautiful Custom WordPress Theme for your website.
  2. Convert your static website to a dynamic website? In short, I will do it for you, I will visually design and develop a working Custom WordPress Theme for you, a dynamic WordPress website.
  3. You have a WordPress website but something is missing, the posts doesn’t really do what you want, I have a solution for you, I will develop Custom Post Types to increase the functionality of your theme.


If you are asking your self the question – “Whats the take?” Lets me say, I have a bonus for you, if you want a Website, and your website needs a custom post(s) i will bundle it into a plugin (separating plugin work from theme work ensures portability of data between themes which means you will not lose data through switching themes and you will never be tied to using my theme forever.)


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